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First Drive: Porsche 911 RSR

After a decade of rear-engined heroics, Porsche's GT racer evolves into something even faster.

The GT2 RS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT the fastest, most mind-bending production 911 ever built. Yet as obscenely capable as it may be, in the rarified air atop the 911 food chain, the latest RS model still lives in the shadow of another, more extreme 911—the RSR. Porsche’s fastest, purest 911 race car exists to do one thing: win races. However, it represents much more than that. It’s a distillation of six-plus decades of Porsche GT racing know-how in a single, ruthlessly efficient instrument of speed.

It’s easy to look at the RSR and see just another 911, a car that has raced around the globe and still competes in a range of international series. The silhouette remains unmistakable, albeit accompanied by a massive, top-mount wing; a splitter under the front bumper; dive planes; and a diffuser. Noticeably wider haunches envelop 12.5-inch-wide front and 13.0-inch-wide rear wheels. That’s 3.0 inches and 0.5 inch wider, respectively, than the wheels on the GT2 RS. Large cutouts in the trailing edges of the wheel wells release turbulent air. Mirrors sit on aero-optimized outriggers, and the rear wing’s towering struts disappear into the rear deck aft of the blacked-out window.

...the car is more than just engine placement. It’s decades of passion, pedigree, and unrelenting evolution in the name of winning. And while the RSR may drive less like a traditional 911 race car than the one it replaces, its transformation into a more capable GTE race car raises the bar for the field and shows that there’s still plenty of fight left in the “old” 911.

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Date Posted: February 26, 2018