What Happens When You Drive With Under-Inflated Tires?

It is surprisingly common for people to drive with incorrect air pressure. A lot of people drive with under-inflated tires. When you do that, you are actually increasing the costs of your vehicle. For one thing, the outside edges of the tire are going to work harder, which will cause uneven wear.

With the softer under-inflated tires, there is going to be more resistance that the vehicle has to deal with, which will cause it to work a little harder. You will experience the vehicle having a harder time accelerating. At the same time, you will also have reduced gas mileage.

There is also extra friction on the road with the under-inflation. This causes the tires to wear out more quickly because of the extra heat generated. The cushion for the wheels is also reduced with under-inflated tires. This can result in more damage to the rims.



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