Unique Tips for Getting Rid of Pet Hair

While there's nothing more enjoyable than taking your furry friend out for a road trip, the mess they leave behind is something to be desired. Pet hair is notorious for sticking to car upholstery. Luckily, it's not impossible to get rid of. We here at Harris Porsche want you to be an informed owner who knows how to take care of their ride, so here are some tips you need to know.

One effective tool that all drivers should try out is a balloon. Static electricity attracts loose pet hair, allowing you to collect it all without having to pick up individual pieces. Simply blow up a rubber balloon and rub it on your seats. Within a few moments, you'll notice that the balloon is covered in fine fur.

Alternatively, you can use your hands. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and use a mister to apply a light layer of water over your seats. Then, glide your hands quickly over the fur-covered surfaces to pick up the mess.



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