Navigation and Entertainment in the Cockpit

An infotainment system is arguably the most significant technological feature in a passenger automobile. Harris Porsche has a large selection of luxurious cars that have some variation of this essential hardware in their cockpits.

A GPS navigation platform with traffic services is available in an infotainment system of a modern vehicle. If you're too busy to swipe the touch screen, it's a good idea to use voice commands. The latest navigation software recognizes a wide range of natural phrases. You can also listen to live updates on traffic movement in a particular area of interest. SiriusXM and HD Radio are some popular channels that provide such data in real time.

When you cruise the streets, you'll probably want to listen to some great music. An infotainment console might be compatible with several online audio channels, like Aha, Pandora and iHeartRadio. Most models also have auxiliary inputs and USB data ports.



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