Learn How to Reduce Glare

When you’re driving at night, glare can be dangerous. At Harris Porsche, we want you to be as safe as possible behind the wheel. There are a few tips to help you cut down the glare so that your vision isn’t impaired.

First, be sure that the inside and outside of your windshield is as clean as possible. This way, the light rays will be able to pass through. If there is oily residue, it can become more reflective. Next, adjust all of your car mirrors accordingly. Your rearview mirror should be flipped to night vision, too.

You don’t want to be blinded by any high beams from oncoming traffic, either. Keep your eyes moving across the lanes of traffic. Be sure to look at the sides of objects instead of straight on. Additionally, try to adjust your speed to the full reach of your headlights.



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