Are You Aware of Move Over Laws?

Roadside scenarios are part of driving. Do you know what you must do before passing one? At Harris Porsche, we value informed drivers, and want to explain Move Over Laws today.

Beginning in 1996, our nation's states approved Move Over Laws. Each state's law dictates rules you must observe as you approach drivers pulled over by police officers, breakdowns, accident scenes and other roadside situations. While these rules vary slightly from one state to another, every state's Move Over Law expects you to merge away from these scenarios to provide extra space. If you are already in an appropriate lane, you must make room for other vehicles that need to merge. Additionally, you must decelerate in some situations.

When you obey Move Over Laws, you are a safe driver. Disobeying these laws can cost you more than money. We hope you will learn the local Move Over Law in every state where you drive.



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