How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

We here at Harris Porsche often get asked the question: How often should I wash my car? Generally, you should wash your car weekly or at least one to two times monthly, depending on what your car is exposed to.

You car takes a daily beating from the elements. Whether in motion or parked, your car is subject to airborne pollutants, dust, dirt, pollen and bug guts as well as tree sap and salt. Each of these things has its own way of damaging your vehicle's paint and finish and its undercarriage. Damaged paint, finish and undercarriage leads to corrosion and rust, which diminishes your vehicle's value and its performance.

Extreme weather automatically intensifies all of the above pollutants. As a result, if your car is continuously exposed because of where you live, work or the length of your commute, consider washing your car weekly. If you live in a mild climate and/or have a closed garage, it's safe to wash your car at least twice monthly.



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