Don't Let Motion Sickness Stop Your Road Trip in its Tracks

Whether you are driving across the country to see the sights, or simply visiting some friends in another state, a road trip can be a great way to spend a couple of days. However if you, like so many others, are susceptible to motion sickness, your road trip can go from good to bad in an instant.

Fortunately, hope is not lost. There are some good solutions to your motion sickness woes. First, it is a good idea to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water, or even a club soda. If you find that your motion sickness just won't go away, you can always stop the car and go for a stroll. The fresh air and exercise should help get your body back to normal.

Here at Harris Porsche, we want our customers to enjoy their road trips as much as they possibly can. That's why our showroom is packed with a wide selection of quality family friendly vehicles just waiting for you to test them out.



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