Porsche 911 Celebrates 50 Years in the Spotlight

The first Porsche 911 was officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963. A non-operational prototype, it was equipped with a 901 engine that was still in development. That, however, did not stop the general public from wanting to take a seat behind the wheel as quickly as possible. It wasn't long before Porsche happily obliged, and the rest is automotive history.

In fact, it's almost been 50 years of automotive history. Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the 911, and Porsche isn't planning on letting it slip by quietly.

Director of the Porsche 911 lineup, August Achleitner recently spoke at a media event in Austria, where he confirmed the vehicle he's in charge of would be getting a special surprise in the near future. Achleitner didn't say anything more about what is being planned...but if Brian Harris Porsche had to venture a guess, it would likely be safe to say it's a special edition of the 911. After all, what better way is there to celebrate a vehicle with such a rich heritage?

That's more than likely what Porsche is planning, but the real question in when we'll be able to see it. Since the original Porsche 911 was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, there's no better place to unveil its 50th anniversary model than at that very same venue.

That said, you're invited to stay tuned to our Porsche blog for more information on the 911 50th anniversary model. If you're more interested in seeing what's currently available, simply browse the new Porsche lineup Brian Harris Porsche offers online. When you're ready to learn more in person, you can find us at 12326 Airline Highway in Baton Rouge.

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